Project Management Philosophy

Bilingual projects can be complicated. Even the simplest translation requires several steps to ensure the target language text accurately reflects exactly the message from the source material.

This is why a quality translation company must have three subsystems: Processes and Procedures, Technology that supports them, and most importantly, the accurate communication, proactivity and experience of the people who make it all happen. Our Project Management Philosophy is focused on the Project Manager driving all three subsystems and own every part of the process from linguist availability to final delivery, in the belief that honesty, hard work and commitment generate results for everyone in LMS.

LMS assigns dedicated Project Managers to become fluent with your company, acquainted with your procedures and communication, and is proud to work with experienced and prestigious graduates from “Facultad Nacional de Lenguas” (National School of Languages), “Universidad Nacional de Cordoba” (National University of Cordoba), touting a long history of accomplished translation specialists. 




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